Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Since we are the new kids in town (not to be confused with The New Kids on the Block), we headed to another family's house to go trick-or-treating (is that even a word?).  They live in a neighborhood where all of the houses are pretty close together so we just had to hit their street and a cul-de-sac and call it a night.

Here are a few pics and a couple of funny stories.

Once again, Spiderman gets the bad guy.  (Love Fletcher's face).  Most of you know that Fletcher is my typical first born rules follower.  He is not one to get in trouble at school or church (home is a different story).  We were walking through the neighborhood and a police car with its lights on came driving slowly down the street.  It was just patrolling the area because there were kids everywhere.  Fletcher's friend started yelling, "Hey!  Here's your escaped prisoner.  Here's the bad guy.  This is who you are looking for!" Fletcher was so nervous, hiding behind Kevin and telling his friend to stop saying that.  I wanted to stop the officer and get a picture of Fletcher in the back seat of his patrol car, but I didn't want to keep the officer from doing his job.  I don't think Fletcher would have wanted to sit in the police car, even as a joke.  Luke, on the other hand....
 The other family has 4 kids.  They went with a super hero theme too.  Green Lantern, Iron Man, Wolverine, Supergirl and Incredible Hulk dad.  They all had fun pretending they had caught the bad guy - Fletcher.
 It's all about the pose.

A few weeks before Halloween, Luke and I had the following conversation...

Luke (while wearing his costume):  Mom, I want to be Spiderman when I grow up.
Me:  Oh really?  That's cool.  You do know Spiderman isn't real, right?  (While I want to encourage his imagination, I don't want him living at home with me when he is 30 because the superhero thing didn't work out.)
Luke:  Yes, I know Spiderman isn't real.  He's really Peter Parker.
Me:  *sigh*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The boys have been participating in children's choir at church. Sunday they sang in "big church." I knew they had been working on a few songs, but I didn't know they had been working on the sign language to go with it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Pepper Festival

This weekend Kevin's worksite hosted a Pepper Festival. It was put on by a local group here who supports what is known as the farm to table movement where what is eaten whether it be at home or in a restaurant is grown locally thus supporting local farmers and receiving the benefit of fresh, nutritional food. Wow, that was a really long sentence!  I'm thinking my English teachers would not be proud.

There were lots of booths with area restaurants all serving samples that included...peppers, all locally grown. Because I have germ issues, I am not necessarily a big fan of the buffet or "free sample" concept.  All those filthy hands touching food that I might be putting in my mouth. Yuck.  But I was ok here because the workers at each booth were either handing out the samples or they were nicely arranged in individual serving cups or napkins on a big platter.  Touching more than one was a big no-no.  The food was very random.  I didn't realize you could put peppers in just about anything and call it a delicacy.  Some were just downright weird.  Peppers in ice cream.  Peppers in chocolate cake.  RC Cola with peppers served with homemade moon pies.  Some were really good - poblano pepper and chicken soup, pepper pizza, bacon with a pepper sauce (who doesn't love bacon), pimento cheese with a pepper jelly and the list went on.  The kids weren't crazy about trying any of it.  A nice lady at one of the booths (Mexican restaurant) gave each of them a cup of plain tortilla chips and they were happy.

The thing the kids loved the most was the Bubble Guy.  Each bubble wand had two sticks with two pieces of rope attached to the end. One rope was a larger "U" shape and the other rope sort of connected the top of the "U".  (See picture).  The ropes were soft and flexible, but had a thickness to them (maybe 1/2").  All around the field were buckets with bubble solution (I saw the guy filling up the buckets and what he had looked like Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed with water or something).  Dip the wand in the bucket. Wait 5 seconds.  Pull it out.  Spread out the sticks and wait for a gentle breeze to "blow" your bubble.  When the bubble is as big as you want it, pull the sticks close together, causing the ropes to collapse and close the bubble.  The boys could have done this all day!  The Bubble Guy also had some really big wands and some adults were out there making HUGE bubbles.  Fun to see and even more fun for the kids to pop.

Obligatory festival face painting.  The kids had Awana Sunday night after the festival.  We had to go straight there and did not have time to go home and wash off said paint.  I heard them in the back of the van talking about how they were going to scare the kids at Awana.  I am sure the Awana teachers love us now.  The boys were sad when we made them take the paint off before bed because the bedsheets and school are more important than their happiness.  We are so mean.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Laughs from Luke

Just a few funny things Luke has said over the last few months:

Luke: "Mom! That lady is about to lay a baby." Thankfully the very pregnant lady didn't hear him. We did discuss "laying an egg" vs. "having a baby."

Luke started school on a Wednesday. Fletcher started one day before on Tuesday. At home during lunch, Luke said his blessing and prayed: Dear God, please make Fletcher not be mean to his new friends today at school and that he won't bite anyone. Oh, and help his lunch taste good. Amen.

And here is the most recent exchange from last week.  I'm still processing this one.

Luke (age 5): I kissed T on the playground today....a LOT of times.
Me (trying to maintain parental poker face): Oh...What did she say?
Luke: I don't remember. 
Me: What did her mom say? (Her mom is the teacher of the class)
Luke: I don't remember.
Me: Well, her mom and dad probably don't want you kissing on their little girl. You should wait until you are married. For now, you can save your kisses for mommy and grandmas and aunts. 
Luke: Well, I tried to kiss G too, but she ran away.

We are in so much trouble.  I knew I would have to deal with this eventually because he is a cutie pie, but I thought I had a few years...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mid-life Crisis

So the boys started soccer.  More on that on another post.  Last Saturday we had to pick up Fletcher's friend for soccer practice.  His family was having a garage sale. Turns out, it was one of those deals where several houses in the neighborhood were having garage sales.  We had some time to kill before practice so the boys wanted to walk around and see what people were selling.  They were especially interested in the large canoe that one house had in the driveway.

Since the boys had their soccer jerseys on, an older gentleman picked up a soccer ball and said, "Does anyone need a soccer ball?"  We were just talking on our drive about the fact that we didn't have a soccer ball yet.  So we walked over to get the ball.  Most of their merchandise was on the driveway.  Kevin happened to notice a Harley in the garage and somewhat jokingly said, "Is the Harley for sale?"
His wife quickly said, "As a matter of fact it is."  I said, "Oh sure...the wife immediately says it is for sale, but what about the husband?"  The man said that it was in fact for sale.  He was "too old" to drive it anymore.  So Kevin asked him a few questions and we said goodbye.  I thought that was pretty much the end of it.

Little did I know that Kevin texted our friend Grant (Tucker's dad) who is a big motorcycle guy and has been for years.  They talked about the specs and the price and all the other motorcycle details. Grant thought this was potentially an excellent deal.  So Kevin contacted Mr. Dave.  Mr. Dave said his brother had the first right of refusal but he would call Kevin if his brother decided he didn't want it.

Sunday afternoon they sealed the deal.  For posterity's sake, I am recording the important details and I hope I get all of them right.

It is a 1995 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic soft tail with 24,000 miles.  SS Super Carb, Vance/Hines long-shot exhaust, HD whitewall tires, 80 spoke chrome wheels, chrome front end, chrome calipers, and high polished rotors.  The guy also included helmets, an extra double seat with backrest, a cover, HD tshirts, HD coffee mugs and a trophy that this bike won at the local Harley dealership.  This man kept this bike in pristine condition.  He told Kevin to get ready for plenty of comments from admirers.  Sure enough, Kevin stopped to get gas and an older gentleman stopped and commented on what a good looking bike he had.

Kevin had a sports bike in college so he has driven a motorcycle before.  This one just has a completely different feel (according to him).

To answer the questions I know you are dying to ask...

Am I freaking out?
Why, yes, yes I am.   Motorcycles can be very dangerous.  Ask any emergency room doctor.  But around here there isn't much traffic especially on the back roads where Kevin wants to ride.  He promised me he would be very safe and always wear a helmet.  I am trying not to worry.   I'm kinda worried he might hit a deer.  That would be weird.

Are the boys excited?
They think it is the coolest thing ever.  Although we have had to lay down the law and throw out various threats to make sure they don't even touch the bike.  I'm afraid it will fall on them.  Fletcher is dying for Kevin to take him to school (which will be incredibly difficult since we carpool with 2 other families and I have as many as 6 kids to drop off on a school morning.)  Right now, Fletcher will get a ride around the neighborhood and that's about it.  Luke will have to wait awhile.

Will I be riding too?
Um no, probably not.  I won't have leather chaps or a rivet studded dog collar necklace either so don't go getting any ideas.  I get kind of claustrophobic with a motorcycle helmet on and if I wear the ones that are more open, then I have to worry about my contacts blowing out in the wind (and bugs in my teeth).

Is this a gateway to other stuff?
Um no.  I told him that this can be his mid-life crisis.  But this is it.  No tattoos, no convertible, no boat, no tricked out F150 and no perky 20 year old.

What will I get for my mid-life crisis?
Well, as I told a friend, I would prefer to think I haven't reached mid-life yet so I am not in crisis mode.  However, when I do, I will let you know.

Our friend Grant said that Kevin will quickly figure out that HD really doesn't stand for "Harley Davidson"....it stands for "Hundred Dollar"  because every time you want something new for the bike, it costs at least a "Hundred Dollar".

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Broke It!

Somehow I managed to break my blog.  When I first started this blog four years ago, I googled and found a website that did free blog templates.  I found one I liked, read the how-to-install tutorial and never looked back.  I guess that person who did the free templates decided to take them down which made my blog go all crazy.  Until I can figure out how to do something cuter or more interesting, we are stuck with this blue/green grass template.  Much better than the FORBIDDEN BLAH BLAH stuff that was up there.

Did I mention 3rd grade is kicking my tail?  We've got quizzes, spelling words, a weekly Bible verse, Latin vocabulary, grammar, math assessments and science and history craziness. We have to remember to look at the moon every night for a month because they are studying lunar phases (I think that's what it is called).  Huge props to the teacher because she is teaching the various phases by using Oreo cookies. See example below.  Of course, there will be extras to munch on while "learning."  Isn't that the best idea ever???  I hope she has milk too.

Whoa...lost that train of thought.  3rd grade.  Killing me.  Busy.  Studying.  Turning stuff in on time.  I'm trying to learn how much to let him do on his own (he's 8) and how much I should be helping.  *sigh*

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Few Beach Pictures

We went to the beach a couple of times in the last few months both at Spring Break and again this summer.  I didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are a few of my favorites.